Hello Seattle!

I officially made it to Seattle!  It was a bit of a crazy turn around from moving across the state on Friday to starting work on Monday, but everything worked out perfectly and life is good!  Right now I’m sitting in an awesome coffee shop called Storyville, and taking in some much needed sunshine and an incredible view of the Olympics.  It’s rained here every day since I moved … but hey it’s Seattle so what did I expect?!

I’ve only been here a week and don’t have too much to philosophize on this morning, but I thought that I’d just reiterate some of the things I said in my last post.  It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to friends, and leaving my comfort zone definitely brought a bit of anxiety with it.  But despite the challenges of things like navigating public transportation and meeting new people, the truth is that it’s incredibly exciting to be somewhere new, pushing myself to grow and experience a new facet of life.

Time to get some Pike Place chowder!

Life and Matt



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