Jumping In

On Friday I woke up at 4am and decided to go for an adventure.  Five hours and two thousand feet later I reached the stunning Colchuck Lake.  The rocky pitches leading to the top certainly weren’t a stroll in the park, but the striking view of the jagged mountain peaks and vivid aquamarine water was incredibly rewarding.  Given the majestic and godly aura of the area, it’s certainly fitting that they call the mountain pass Aasgard.  I took a short trek around until I found a nice rock perched over the edge of the water.   Even though the surface of the lake was a good ten feet below me, the clarity of the glacial runoff allowed me to see straight to the bottom.  Fueled by curiosity, I climbed down to the shore and drank some of the icy cold water in my Grayl.  Arrowhead might have some competition … just saying.

It was only eleven in the morning so I had all the time in the world to settle in, eat beef jerky, and read some Brene Brown.  After finishing each chapter, however, I found myself standing up, pacing around my rock, and peering over the edge into the lake.  I wasn’t uncomfortable or anything, but something was definitely stirring in me.  Five chapters later I stood up, stripped down, and cannon-balled off of my rock into Colchuck Lake!

Talk about feeling alive!

I’ve been trying to pinpoint why it was so freeing to jump in the lake, and I think it’s simply because I acted on something stirring deep inside me.  I wasn’t consciously aware that I wanted to jump in the lake or that maybe I even needed to jump in.  But then I jumped, and that made all the difference!




Life and Matt

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