Why Not?!

I didn’t have any plans last night so I decided to spend some time reading.  I’m a pretty avid reader and I typically make it through a book or two every week.  Most of the time I just sit in a chair or lie down on my bed to read, but last night I decided to do something out of the ordinary.  I grabbed my book, hopped in my car, and drove east on I-90 until I reached Coeur D’Alene.  After a short hike, I found a comfy little rock chair perched cliffside on the lake.  I cracked open my book, sat back peacefully, and took in the sunset.  It was incredible.

Driving home, I had some time to reflect on the evening and I realized that I miss countless opportunities every moment to make each day unique.  Why? … well actually I think it’s because I always ask why?

Why would I read on a cliff?  Why would I go to a fancy restaurant alone? Why would I wear overalls?  Why would I brush my teeth with my left hand?  Why would I sleep on the other side of my bed?  Why would I listen to polka music?  Why would I pee into the wind? (… yes that was a Friends reference).

But seriously, I think a better question to ask is WHY NOT?!


Life and Matt



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