Flat Tire

The other day I was about to leave for work when I noticed a razor blade stuck in my car tire.  It’s hard to say if I just ran it over, or if it was stabbed there by a crazed neighbor who was envious of my parking space.  Regardless, I had a flat and I needed to get to work by 6:45.  Luckily, I only live about 5 miles from work so I hopped on my bike and headed out.  Surprisingly, riding my bike was pretty much the best decision I could have made that day.  I peddled alongside the river, invigorated by the crisp air, captivated by the rising sun.

I think that sometimes life gives us flat tires for a reason.  There’s so much beauty in the world, but it’s so easy to miss it if we don’t slow down.

Life and Matt


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