Flying Through Time

I thought that I’d write a blog post today because I realized I that haven’t written one in over a month!  The weird thing is that it doesn’t feel like anything close to a month.  Most of my weekends recently have been focused on other projects, and time spent on this blog has kind of just slipped away.  It’s not that I don’t value this blog anymore, it’s more that I’ve been trying hard to hit some other goals.

Speaking of goals, I think that they have a lot to do with why the days and weeks seem to be flying by.  Given that most of my goals right now are on more of a macro level rather than micro, time seems to scale itself accordingly.  Take for example one of my recent goals of publishing a poetry book.  I started writing the book close to a year and a half ago with the goal of finishing it within two years.  When I would miss a week writing, it didn’t seem to matter that much since one week is less than one percent of my timeline.  But when enough of “just one week” adds up, six months fly by before you know it.  In short, I think I need some more micro goals in life right now to slow down my perception of time.  I hope that makes sense … I realize it might be confusing since I didn’t explain myself very well!

Anyway, all this talk about time flying by made me think about how strange it is that we use the phrase “time flies”.  Time isn’t some kind of bird that soars through the air.  It’s not even something physical like air.  According to Wikipedia, time is just “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future”.  Time itself isn’t flying at all … since it’s really just a constant measurement.  What’s flying by is our perception of time.  And perception is also something that can’t really “fly”, but regardless I think it would be more accurate to say that “we’re flying through time”.  Thinking about us flying through time rather than time flying through us makes it much more apparent that we’re in control of the way we use our time.  The choices we make in life allow us to re-scale time into a much more comfortable pace.  But that’s totally up to us, not time!


Life and Matt


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