Ping Pong Spirituality

First off, I apologize for the terrifying snowman photo I chose to feature for this post!  Usually I try to tie in some aspect of my photography with my writing, but unfortunately I haven’t snapped many quality pics lately.  So this time I settled for one of the creepiest photos I’ve ever taken.

That being said, I want to talk about ping pong!  Last night I was playing ping pong with my friend Jeff, and after one of our games he held the ball in his hand and shared something that was on his mind.  He started by saying that ping pong is an interesting illustration of the relationship between hope and fear.  There was a point in the game where he was up 15-10 and I went on a 5 point streak to tie it up at 15-15.  At that point Jeff became fearful that he was going to lose the game.  He started overthinking every shot and derailed from the meditative flow of his game.  It was at that moment Jeff realized how great a blessing it was to be playing the game at all, and also to be playing with a skilled opponent that has the ability to challenge his every shot.  After that hopeful realization of gratitude, Jeff went on to win the game to 21-16.  His gratitude for the moment allowed him to be present and to forget the fear that plagued him for five straight points.

After Jeff went on this beautiful soliloquy about mindful ping pong spirituality, I let him know that I was just trying to hit the table!  Jeff ended up beating me all five games we played last night, and I think that says a lot more than just Jeff being better than me.  I think it says that being mindful and present to each and every moment will allow us to be successful in all we do!

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