I’m A Writer

Growing up I don’t think that anyone would have described me as a writer.  I was the type of kid that was into Legos and K’nex and building things out of toilet paper tubes.  My sister was the writer and I was the engineer.  People were always telling me that engineers are bad at writing, so I really had no reason to believe that I could write.  The thing about labels, though, is that they don’t just tell us who we are.  They tell us who we aren’t.

About half way through college I had this crazy idea to write a book.  At first I didn’t tell anyone because I was scared that I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a writer.  As soon as I started writing consistently, however, I had this really simple realization:  all it takes to be a writer is to write.  I know it sounds silly, but it was actually really groundbreaking for me.

I feel like people get paralyzed by labels because they’re hard to shed.  My philosophy, however, is to stop worrying so much about dropping labels and to instead start creating new ones!  Sophomore year of college I started singing in public (even though I’m quite average).  Suddenly I was a singer.  Soon after, I became a dancer, a gardener, a baker, a photographer, a magician and plenty of other things!

So why not create some new labels?! You never know if who you think you aren’t is really who were meant to be.

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