Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

In my last post, I talked about those dreadful “in between” seasons … but guess what?!  We made it!  Fall is here!  The air is brisk, the leaves are starting to turn, and I no longer feel awkward buying baskets full of pumpkin related items at Trader Joe’s.  So happy October!

The first of the month is always a special day for me because my inbox is flooded with text messages containing pictures of rabbits.  Some of you are probably confused, so let me explain.  Back in 6th grade, my science teacher Ms. Gallagher said rabbit rabbit rabbit to us on the first of every month for good luck.  I just thought she was crazy, but apparently there’s an English superstition that if you say rabbit rabbit rabbit on the first of the month, a rabbit will run away with all of your problems.  Ever since, I have continued the rabbit rabbit rabbit tradition.

One of the funny things about rabbit rabbit rabbit is that our backyard growing up was always filled with rabbits.  At any given time, there were anywhere between two and fifteen rabbits scattered throughout the yard.  My dad hated the rabbits eating his nicely groomed grass, so naturally he earned the nickname of Farmer McGregor.  He even used to catch them in cages, drive them two miles down the road, and release them into other people’s neighborhoods.  It always made me a little sad that he was breaking up rabbit families, but I’m still convinced the neighbor down the road was catching them and sending them right back our way.  For those of us who actually liked the bunnies, they provided countless hours of entertainment.  There was one bunny who used to sit outside of the spruce tree with a scowl on his face.  For fun, we personified him as the old grandpa bunny who was yelling at the teenage bunnies for playing on his property.  One weird thing you’ll learn if you watch bunnies for a while is that they actually enjoy playing a weird tag game (this is not personification … this is real life).  Here are the rules of the game:  1) Two bunnies line up face to face at a one foot distance 2) The bunnies stare each other down 3) One bunny darts forward at the other 4) The other bunny hops up in the air and the first bunny continues underneath him 5) They both turn around and do it again.  It’s a hilarious game and here’s a youtube video if you haven’t seen it before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhLYoKoCP4M .

I could probably go on for a while longer about bunnies, but I digress.  I don’t believe in a lot of superstitions, but the truth is that I believe in this one.  When I say rabbit rabbit rabbit, it’s a nostalgic reminder that family is everything.  I’m not only reminded of my family, but also the bunny family in our backyard.  Their family was often the topic of conversation around our dinner table, and our family was probably the topic of conversation around their grassy buffet.  Saying rabbit rabbit rabbit reminds me that I can play an important role in the lives of those around me.  The truth is that we can choose to make the upcoming month a lucky one for someone else.  Rabbit rabbit rabbit is my way of saying I’m thinking of you, I care about your well being, and I’m going to help make this month special for you.  Rabbit rabbit rabbit!

Life and Matt


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