Shifting Gears

The last three weeks have been a complete blur and I’m excited to finally have a little free time to sit down and write.  Over the past few weeks I’ve had a number of 13 or 14 hour days, and I have yet to have two days off in a row.  In general I must say that my job is quite interesting and unique.  Every day is packed with excitement and action, and I rarely have a day when I’m looking at my watch wondering when it is going to end.  Most often my day is already over by the time I finally get around to checking my watch.  This is probably going to sound weird, but in my last job one of my favorite parts of the day was going to the bathroom.  Going to the bathroom meant that I finally got to stand up from my chair, walk down the hall, and take a break from staring at my computer.  In my current job, I usually put off going to the bathroom because it is too much of a hassle to step away from what I’m doing.

It’s hard to say which of these jobs have been healthier (or unhealthier) for me spiritually and mentally.  My mind-numbingly boring job killed a piece of my soul every time I walked into the office.  My overly-active weird job has my mind and spirit racing so fast that I never have a chance to rest.

After multiple weeks of work days ranging from from 6am to midnight, I’ve become aware that my mind shifts much like a car.  As the pace of life increases around me, my mind shifts into higher and higher gears.  As these gears increase, my thoughts become less reflective and more automated.  It wasn’t until I had the chance to slow down this weekend that I realized how unaware I have really been.  Awareness is such a critical thing to have in life, but I actually think it can be just as harmful to stay in the lowest possible gear.  A completely reflective mind is a mind devoid of tangible meaning.

It’s important that we seek a life that is reflective AND active.  Instead of sticking to one gear and coasting, we have to learn to shift gears.

Life and Matt


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