Being With Friends

Will was in town this weekend (he’s actually sitting across from me at a coffee shop table right now).  So let me start over.  Will is in town this weekend, and it has provided opportunity to reflect on the topic of friendship.  Will and I have been friends for somewhere around 6 years now.  We’ve journeyed from being weird kids in a dorm to being weird kids involved in lots of things on campus to being weird kids who did gap year programs after graduation to being weird kids who have adult jobs and are sitting across from on another at a coffee shop right now.  It’s awesome to think that someday we’ll be weird old kids who will hang out somewhere someday and talk about things like how long our ear hair is.  The important thing here is that throughout this entire time, we kept on being.  One of the things I love about deep friendships is that life changes but the general nature of the friendship stays pretty much the same.  Whenever I sit down with Will (or any of my close friends for that matter) we always seem to be able to strike up a reflective and joyful conversation.  We share some of the things we’re stressing about and some of the things we’re enjoying and some of the things we’re looking forward to.  Despite the topic or situation, it is usually a comfortable and natural conversation that eventually ends with a hug goodbye.  From my perspective, friendship is all about being with people (keep in mind my love language is quality time).  The deeper our friendships become, the easier it is to simply be.  With each and every conversation, we sink a little deeper into being ourselves around the people we love.

Life and Matt


4 thoughts on “Being With Friends

  1. I’m thankful for a friend like you Matt! And you Will! And all you all on this thread!

    Also, see “Four Loves” written by C.S. Lewis for some great insight about the nature of Friendship. I just read it recently and much of what you had to say made me think of his ideas.


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  2. I love how it’s not like we hit pause on our friendships while we aren’t in each other’s presence. Despite the distance, the relationships continue to grow, which I think is a testament to how deeply rooted these friendships are. Love you brothers!

    That’s not to say that you guys shouldn’t come to Boston and visit me though…

    Ite Inflammate Omnia
    ^not to be out-done by Big Popa 😉

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