Misty Spokane River

Winter weather has finally hit Spokane and I’m loving it!  As much as I can’t wait for spring weather to return, there’s something about winter that I find absolutely entrancing.  The definition of entrance is to fill someone with wonder and delight, holding their entire attention.  The reason I choose the word entrancing is because there are moments when winter holds my attention so actively that I’m almost paralyzed in the moment.  One of example would be the other night when I got the mail.  I pulled into the snowy lot outside of my apartment around 10pm and walked in the 0 degree weather down to my mailbox (it’s maybe a 1 minute walk).  It felt as if I was the last person on earth, and something about the crunch of the snow under my feet and the frozen vapor of my breath was eerily captivating.  It’s actually similar to the feeling I had climbing Mt Adams over the summer.  When the earth is frozen, there are moments when it seems as if time has frozen as well.  I think that the picture I took of the Spokane river (above) captures that exact feeling.  The river was still flowing at normal speed, but something about the mist made it feel as if it was in slow motion.

Happy winter everyone.  Stay warm and entranced.

Life and Matt


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