3rd Floor Foley

Today was refreshing since it was basically the first sunny day we’ve had in about a month in Spokane.  I took this picture from the 3rd floor of Foley looking out the window.  I’ve always found 3rd floor Foley to be kind of a strange place.  I never used to come up here because it had the reputation of being scarily quiet.  So quiet, in fact, that if you even unzipped your backpack everyone would give you death stares.  Sometime sophomore year I mustered the courage to venture up to the 3rd floor and I learned a few surprising things.  First, I learned that the noise level of the 3rd floor is basically the same as the 2nd floor.  Second, I learned that barely anyone studies on the 3rd floor because they’re too scared of the reputation. And third, I learned that the people on the 3rd floor are basically the same people as everywhere else in the library (they don’t actually do the whole death glare thing).

3rd floor Foley is a great example of how a reputation can get in the way of the truth.  Whether it’s a place or a person, you can’t let the things other people tell you get in the way of seeing something for what it really is.


Life and Matt


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