Rainier Rainforest

This past weekend, Cole and I drove out to Seattle.  It was really great spending time with Will and having some time to just hang out and be ourselves.  One of the themes of our trip was ending up at unanticipated destinations.

The first unanticipated destination was a random cul-de-sac that Google maps took Cole and I to rather than Will and Catey’s house.

The second unanticipated destination was wherever we hiked in Rainier National Park.  Google maps told us that Rainier National Park was about 1 hour and 45 minutes away, but after 1 hour and 45 minutes, Google maps decided to start guiding us to a different location that was another hour away.  We ignored Google and just kept driving on the road until it stopped at what appeared to be a trail head.  The trail claimed that it was a .3 mile rain forest loop, but we soon found ourselves climbing up a steep unending path for maybe 6 miles.  The good news is that the trail was beautiful and full of awesome random waterfalls and mushrooms and crazy trees.

This in turn led to our third unanticipated destination: nowhere.  The trail kept going higher and higher, and we continually convinced ourselves that we must be close to the top.  Naturally there had to be some kind of ridge, or overlook, or something.  But as we continued to ascend, we realized that this trail likely continued on and on forever.  Cole and Will eventually gave up seeking the top, but I continued to press on hoping for something.  I continued maybe half a mile further, but eventually the trail began to descend down the backside of the mountain.  No overlook, no ridge, no nothing.

This all leads to my reflection this week: we can make our own destinations.  Who cares if you end up somewhere you weren’t expecting.  Who cares if you don’t reach that perfect ridge or overlook.  You’re allowed to stop wherever you would like and choose to call that place “it”.  And if you don’t like the destination you arrived at, you can always just keep exploring until you find somewhere new to call home.  Fixating on the ideal destination will only cause discontent with where you actually ended up instead.  And the truth is that wherever you end up is exactly where you need to be anyway.


Life and Matt


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