Upriver Dam

This past week was a bit of a blur because the board of trustees was on campus.  To give you a little bit of context, our department gets into intense mode when board of trustees is around.  Every  little detail has to be perfect, but luckily for me, everything went really well in the end.

On Thursday morning, I was rushing out the door around 6:30am to set up tech for the board meetings starting at 9.  Due to a leadership appreciation dinner that evening, I was well aware that I had about a 14 hour day ahead of me (their dinner required lots of lighting, a live-feed video, plenty of sound needs, as well as an intricate 100 slide powerpoint I had to advance through with a script during Thayne’s address).  With all of this in mind, I was a little stressed as I hopped in my car that morning.

As soon as I reached the turnoff onto Upriver Drive, however, I was captured by an enchanting sunrise.  Rather than turning right (away from the sunrise and toward my impending day of stress at GU), I decided to turn left and chase the sunrise.  I drove for a few minutes until I reached the Upriver Dam where I took this picture.  The moment was enough to detach me from any thought of the trustess, and to leave me in a simple state of awe and gratitude.

Reflecting on this experience led to a lot of dam thoughts.  Just as dams control the flow and direction of water, we control the flow and direction of our lives.  We can choose to make that right turn toward stress or we can choose to make that left turn toward gratitude. Embracing the fullness of life means embracing awareness and acting on it.

This thought, however, leads to one more.  Though we are the ones choosing which direction to turn, it is still the water that is ultimately in control.  Water is forceful enough to break free of any man-made dam.  At the same moment in time, we have complete control of life and no control at all.  Yet another mystery of faith.



Life and Matt


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