Real Love


Just the other night, I was walking around campus and there was an incredible view of the giant full moon rising behind St Als.  I was struck by my fortunate timing and decided to take a picture (even though the moon always looks terrible in iPhone pictures).  So I lined up my shot, and was decently happy with the resulting picture above.  But after taking the picture, something just didn’t feel right.  I decided to go back to where I was standing and take a second picture:


As it turns out, this is what I was actually looking at.  Sure the sunset, the moon, and St Als were actually there, but the view was tarnished by power lines, porta potties, construction, lights, and cars.  These two images caused me to think about perspective and a simple question: which one of these photos is more real?

Obviously the second photo is closer to the reality of the moment simply because it shows a full perspective of what I was looking at.  The power lines, porta potties, and construction were indeed there, which means that this image is more real.  Or does it?

Though the second photo shows a more complete visual of the moment, I would argue that the first photo is closer to the reality of what I was experiencing.  Despite the fact that I was standing in a construction zone, I chose to lose myself in the beauty of the moon and sunset.  It is for this exact reason that I chose to capture the first picture.  I didn’t care about all the other distractions around me, all I cared about was the beauty I saw in that snapshot of creation.

The only reality is that reality is subjective.  Throughout the history of mankind, about 107 billion people have walked the earth.  If you were to place each and every one of those 107 billion people in the same exact moment I was in the other night at St Als, every single one of them would experience that moment in a different way.  There is no “right” way to experience reality.  Reality is in whatever you choose to see.

We create our own reality.

So why not create a reality that is beautiful and centered on Love?

Life and Matt


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