Mt. Adams

Without the intention of sounding arrogant, climbing Mt Adams was honestly a really easy experience for me.  During our first day, we hiked for 10 straight hours.  After sleeping a grand total of 15 minutes, we woke up at midnight and climbed for 6 more hours to reach the summit.  As if that wasn’t enough, we hiked for 5 more hours back to the campground after packing up all of our things at “Lunch Counter”.  And to make things even worse, I had on a pack that probably weighed somewhere around 50 pounds.  This all begs one question: why in the world wasn’t I dying during the climb?  After some reflection, I think I’ve found an answer.  As captain of my team, I think that I had a unique opportunity to become one with my teammates.  It didn’t really matter what my mind and body was actually going through because my identity was found in relationship with the people around me.  Until all of my teammates reached the summit, I did not feel I had truly reached the summit.  I think that this experience is what life is all about.  Life is fully realized when you are so detached from yourself that the only thing left is love.  Who I am is who I am in relationship with.  So here’s my advice: Find some people you love and go summit a mountain.  It can be a metaphorical mountain if you want, but either way just go for it.  I’ll see you at the top.



Life and Matt



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